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Project Description
This tool is a visual studio 2012 add-in that allows developers to quickly link and publish web resources to dynamics crm 2011 while inside the VS 2012 IDE.


- Quickly create web resources
- Link htm, html, js, css, xml, gif, jpg, png, ico, xml, xslt files
- Publish one or multiple files with a simple right click
- Multiple projects can connect to different crm 2011 organizations
- Asynchronous publishing without IDE blockage for linked files
- Feedback inside the status window

Coming Soon
- Shortcut keys

How to get started
1. Download the zip file from the downloads area of this project.
2. Go into C:\Users\<your user account>\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Addins folder
_if you don't have an 'Addins' folder create one
4. Extract the contents of the zip file to the \Addins\ folder
5. Open Visual Studio 2012 > Open an existing project
6. Right click on any crm 2011 supported web resource and click 'Link/Publish Web Resource'

Sponsored by Magnetism Solutions - Dynamics CRM Specialists

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